How Do I Get My Internet IP Address?

How you get your internet IP address assigned, depends on a couple of factors. Such your contract and your ISP, the internet IP address can be either statically or dynamically assigned.
Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Also, an IP may be exclusive or shared.

What Is A Static IP Address?

Static IP addresses are permanent, meaning they never change. Thier role on a network, is to act like a permanent physical address where other network enabled devices can reliably contact you.

Having a static IP address enables you to run services, like e-mail servers, web servers, FTP servers and so on.
Getting a static IP address usually requires you asking your ISP for an available IP address, also some ISP's may charge you a monthly fee for this added benifit.

What Is A Dynamic IP Address?

A dynamic IP address is the complete opposite, these are temporarily assigned by the ISP to your device, and usually change when you turn off and turn on your network device (such as Cable/DSL modem). There is also usually a set time you get that IP address for, so for someone who wants to run a web server, it's not ideal as people who connect to that someone's webserver wouldn't know the IP address after a set time.